We provide Complete Solution for your IT Infrastructures, Onsite Technology Support/Voice Support, Networking, AMC for Computer & Technologies.

Zigma also provides complete security solutions including various types of Security cameras, NVR, NAS, Surveillance systems and other Security measures for every conceivable need for office & Home

Zigma provides a comprehensive suite of services for both wired and wireless networks enabling you to meet all your network requirements. Our robust reliable network guarantees a secure link for your data to transverse.

Wireless networking
Structured cabling

We offer Unparalleled design services with highly trained network engineers and design professionals that can deploy state-of-the-art universal structured cabling systems. We can deploy and implement bleeding edge technology networking solutions any place in the world following the highest international standards. Fiber Optic Backbone, Cat6 structured Cabling, Wi-Fi networks as well as active equipment like Switches, routes, fire walls, etc. can be correctly and efficiently calculated according to our customer needs.

Data cabling is a key component of any networked system, therefore it is advisable to commit 15-20% of the total cost in this area when planning new IT infrastructure, as studies have shown that failures in badly designed and implemented cabling are very common and can get very expensive. So investment in high quality cabling and network design is easily justified.

The performance of a network infrastructure depends not only on the quality of its components, but more importantly on the quality of the cabling installation. Each and every network infrastructure is installed and tested by trained engineers using state of the art equipment. We will help you determine which is best for your business or IT operations, based on your current situation and also taking into consideration your future plans of growth or diversification.

IT support & network management, with more than 100 staff operating network & Hardware support, Zigma provide an unrivalled Computer and network maintenance service to maintain maximum uptime and productivity for your business. The support is its standard cover for multiple PCs, printers, servers & networking and communications equipment. It provides cost-effective cover which is ideal for non-critical items which do not have a significant impact on business operations.

Now! Our support means the involvement in rectifying Network failures, rather than your IT staff and is a response based service which provides an on-site engineer within 24 hours. The engineer then diagnoses the problem and works through until the problem is resolved.

Ip camera

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